Athlete Info

Race Guidelines

Packet Pick Up

Participant Packet Pick Up is Thursday, September 7 at the Palm Beach North Chamber of Commerce from 4-6 PM. Second Packet Pick up is Friday, September 8 at the Race site (Carlin Park) from 4-6 PM.  All race materials MUST be picked up on Friday BEFORE 6 PM. Per USAT rules, ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST PRESENT A PHOTO ID IN ORDER TO PICK UP YOUR PACKET. ALL RELAY TEAM MEMBERS MUST BE PRESENT AND HAVE A PHOTO ID IN ORDER TO RECEIVE YOUR PACKET. NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO PICK UP A PACKET ON YOUR BEHALF.

Bike Check-In

Athletes have an optional bike check-in to avoid the crowds on race morning. Transition Area at Carlin Park will be open for bike check-in and rack placement on Friday, September 8 from 4:00pm – 8:00pm. Athletes must pick up their packet before checking their bike in and will then be able to access the transition area.  Bike numbers must be installed on the bike before entering the area.  All competitors must show corresponding bike and run numbers along with ID to be allowed in the Transition Area.  The Transition Area on race morning will open at 5:30 AM. Security will be onsite during overnight hours.

First Timers Seminar

The First Timers Seminar is a mandatory briefing for all athletes registered in the First Timer Division. It will be held during the Packet Pickup on Friday, September 8 from 6:00pm – 7:00pm at the park pavilion.


On race morning, you will have 2 options to enter Carlin Park:

  • From Indiantown Road, take a right on A1A and continue to Carlin Park.
  • From Donald Ross, enter A1A at Marcinski Road and then north to Carlin Park.

Awards Ceremony

The awards ceremony will take place immediately following the race. Plan to stay after the race and enjoy breakfast along with your Triathletes.

Race Rules


Transition Area: Transition will open at 5:30am.  The Transition area will be fenced, and bike numbers will be crossed referenced to the athlete’s number before any equipment will be permitted or removed at the conclusion of the race.  For reasons of safety and liability, only participating competitors will be allowed in this area with the appropriate credentials.

Body Marking/Tattoos:  Please look in your athlete packet for body tattoos. This will replace most of the body marking. Please follow the directions as to where you need to place which tattoo. Athlete will still need to body their right calf with their age. This can be done on your own at home or race day morning starting at 5:30 AM.  Please review photos in packet for correct place

Timing Chip:  Timing Chips are issued on race morning starting at 5:30am at the Main Tent. You must show your race number to get your timing chip. Return all chip at finish line

The swim will be 3/8ths of a mile. Subject to race day conditions, the course is likely to run from South to North, commencing at Beach Access 53 and finishing at Beach Access 61. The race will begin at 7:15 AM on the beach. Athletes must walk up the beach to the start and line up in their appropriate wave.  The race will start in 6 waves with 5 minutes between each wave. Wet Suits will not be allowed.

The bike will be 13 miles.  The course exits Carlin Park and heads south on A1A to Loggerhead Park and returns. THERE ARE 2 LAPS ON THE BIKE COURSE. Turns will be clearly marked, but athletes are responsible for ensuring they complete 2 laps.

The return into transition will be via the south entrance to Carlin Park. The bike return and the turns on course can be dangerous if taken too fast. Athletes must obey all signs on course and the instructions of event staff.

Helmets must be fastened before leaving the transition area. An ANSI approved bike helmet is mandatory.

Bikes must be walked or run in and out of the transition area – the mount and dismount lines will be clearly marked and staffed by volunteers.

No drafting.  Keep 3 bike lengths away from other riders.  Draft marshals will be on the course and time penalties will be issued for infringements.

J Town Bike will be providing Bike Tune-Ups prior to the race start next to the Transition Area. ALL COMPETITORS MUST HAVE THE PROPER HANDLEBAR END PLUGS.  If a bike is found with handlebars that are not solidly plugged, that competitor will be DISQUALIFIED under USAT Rule 5.11(I) and will not be allowed on the bike course.

The run will be 5k.  The course exits Carlin Park and heads north to Jupiter Beach Blvd.  Follow signs to the inlet and cross bridge to DuBois park. Return to Carlin Park and the finish line from the north entrance.

I-PODS and MP3 Players are not permitted.

Athletes must stay to the right except to pass.

All relay team members must be body marked.  Only one tattoos will be provided. Please use a black marker to body mark your relay team members.

Swimmer wears the swim cap.  Runner wears the run race number.  Biker has race number on his/her bike.  Teammates remain at the bike rack marked “relays” waiting for a team member to pass the timing mat before starting the next leg.

Start time will be 7:22AM. Athletes will begin at the south end of transition, athletes will run out to A1A and head south, turn around at signage and run back to transition.

Thank you for your participation and your help in ensuring we have a safe and successful event.

Please email or with any Questions, Comments, etc. or call us at 561 746 7111.

Frequently Asked Questions


The Tampa General Hospital Loggerhead Triathlon is produced by the Palm Beach North Chamber of Commerce and is one of the longest enduring triathlons in the state of Florida. Dating back to 1985, triathletes have made the trip to Jupiter year after year to enjoy the magnificent ocean-side setting, the family-friendly atmosphere and the competition. The event has become a “must do” on the southeast race circuit and has spawned some of the top triathletes in the United States.


Saturday, September 9, 2023


Carlin Park in Jupiter, FL.


5:30am Athletes are allowed to pick up packets at the Registration Tent along with the timing chip and Body Marking

6:30am All participants report to the Swim starting location at the south end of the park on the beach and the Duathlons participants begin at the Run Start

7:15am Triathlon begins

7:22am Duathlon begins


The racecourse consists of a 3/8-mile ocean swim, 13-mile bike and flat 3.1-mile run.


County Paramedics will be present along with an ambulance in case of any Emergencies or First Aid assistance. They will be near the Transition area. 


Men and Women Restrooms are located beside the Loggerhead Café including port-o-lets.


Alphabetical by Category

Admission / Hours:

Is there an admission fee for spectators?

No – we encourage patrons to come out and support the athletes while also interacting with our health & fitness sponsors and vendors.

What time does it start?

Saturday @ 7:00 am unless delayed due to inclement weather.

What time can spectators arrive?

5:30 AM

What time does the event end?

If all goes as planned – the Triathlon will end at 9:30 am with an awards ceremony in the Oasis Tent until 10:00 am.


Can I purchase alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages at the event?

No. We recommend you bring water in an eco-friendly container. Beer, rum and vodka tastings will be available for consumers 21 year or older.

There will not be any vendors selling beverage at the race.


Participants may bring their bike to the Transition area beginning on Friday, September 9th from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM. You must pick up your packet prior and install your bike number onto your bike before entering the area.  All competitors mush show corresponding bike and run numbers along with ID to be allowed in the Transition Area Only participants are allowed in the Transition area. Overnight Security will be enforced from 8:00 PM to 5:30 AM. No one will be allowed in the Transition area during the overnight hours.

Chairs & Coolers:

Spectators should bring chairs and coolers as needed. There will be no food or drink for sale at the venue.


If I have a complaint, who do I contact?

Please leave your comment at the Palm Beach North Chamber table in the Oasis Tent.


How do I get to Carlin Park?

From I -95 merge onto FL-706 E/W Indiantown Road

Use the right two lanes to turn right onto US-1 S

Turn left onto Ocean Way Blvd./S State Hwy A1A

Destination will be on the right


This is an option for those who do not want to swim. It entails a 1.2 mile run, 13 mile bike and 3.1 mile run.

First Timers Seminar:

The First Timers Seminar is a mandatory briefing for all athletes registered in the First Timer Division. It will be held at the Jupiter Civic Center at Carlin Park from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM on Friday, September 9th. We will have a guest speaker along with the Head Referee.


Is there food available?

Yes – the Oasis Tent will offer a lite continental breakfast for the athletes and volunteers. We recommend you bring a lite snack as needed. Once all participants have had a chance to enjoy the breakfast, we will then allow all guest to dine.

There will be no vendors or food trucks at the event to purchase food so please bring what you need and enjoy the race!

Lost Child:

Lost children should be brought to the Palm Beach North Chamber table in the Oasis tent and security will be notified.


All participants will receive a medal at the Finish Line. The 1st, 2nd & 3rd Awards Ceremony will take place at the Oasis Tent beginning at 9:30am concerning each participating wave.


These will be available at the Loggerhead Mix & Mixer located in Carlin Park at the Oasis Tent from 4:00 PM to 7:30 PM. Per USAT rules, you must bring a photo ID to pick up your packet. No one will be allowed to pick up another person’s packet. All Relay Teams must be present to pick up packet – NO EXCEPTIONS.


Where is the closest parking facility to the Event?

There are 3 designated patron parking locations:

  • Carlin Park on the east side.
  • Across the Street (west) of Carlin Park is additional parking.
    • NOTE: access to these two parking lots will be available up until 6:30 am.
  • The Maltz Theatre will also be available for patrons arriving after 6:30 am.
    • Note there is not a shuttle available as this location.

Where can I park my bicycle?

Bike racks are available at Carlin Park for spectators. 

What does it cost to park?

Parking is free. 

Where can I park if I am disabled?

There is handicap parking available in all three lots mentioned above.


Can I bring my dog?

Yes, pets are allowed as long as they are on a leash.

Refund Policy:

No refunds or transfers will be provided.


Registration is open now. Go to for more information. REGISTER NOW – FEES TO INCREASE.


These will be posted after the race on the Loggerhead Triathlon website: 

Safety or Security Issue:

What if someone reports a safety issue or a security issue?

Contact one of the Team Captains that will be throughout the site wearing a Loggerhead T-shirt or locate one of the Police on Property.


I would like to make a suggestion for Loggerhead 2024; who do I contact?

Please leave your comment at the Palm Beach North Chamber of Commerce table located in the Oasis Tent.


How can I volunteer for this event?

Check out our website for more information


Will the Event still be open if it rains?

Yes, the event take place if we experience rain. Thunderstorms or lightning in the area will prolong the start depending on the circumstances. Management will be reviewing all weather conditions prior to starting the race.